Terms and conditions

  1. Admittance and the use of facilities at own risk!
  2. No boat may be launched without a valid Certificate of Competence and Certificate of Fitness (Merchant Shipping (Small Vessel Safety) Regulations 2007)
  3. Right of admission is reserved.
  4. Day visitors and visitors camping overnight pay the entrance fees irrespective of the time of arrival.
  5. Day visitors must depart before 6pm.
  6. Visitors camping overnight pay the entrance fees as well as the overnight fees and must leave the resort before 6pm on the departure date.
  7. Swimming pool for campers on premises, as well as play park for children
  8. No cats allowed. Dogs are not allowed to run freely in the Resort and should be kept at the camping site at all times.
  9. Because BAJADAM is a family resort, we value peace and tranquility, therefor it is strictly forbidden to play loud music and no noise will be tolerated after 10pm in the Resort.
  10. Overnight camping in tents or caravans only.
  11. No motorcycles or quad bikes are allowed in the Resort.
  12. Please be careful when making a fire. Beware of veldfires.
  13. We do not accept any credit cards or cheques and no refunds will be given after arrival.
  14. The use of electricity points is restricted to one tent or caravan per electricity point only.
  15. For the sake of the children and animals in the Resort please drive slowly.
  16. Visitors may not cut or damage any trees or plants in the Resort. Firewood is sold at the Entrance gate.
  17. Because the Resort is used for boating, fishing and camping, we do not have any picnic facilities.
  18. We only take limited bookings for camping sites. Please contact us in advance for booking of club competitions and the lapa area.
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